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FIC: They Know How to Take Care of You in Brooklyn (Diana/Elizabeth, NC-17)

Author: Clio
Title: They Know How to Take Care of You in Brooklyn
Pairing: White Collar: Diana Barrigan/Elizabeth Burke, Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey, Diana Barrigan/Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Christie is a little unsure about the whole FBI wife business so she asks Diana for a time out. So of course Peter and Elizabeth and Neal swoop in to take care of Diana, each in their own way. (Set during season 2, with a season 4 epilogue.)
Content notes: (skip) Diana's interactions with Peter and Neal are brief and controlled by her. The obedience is to Peter, but is about Peter making suggestions to El about Diana and Diana about El. He's more like the man behind the curtain. Enthusiastic consent!
Length: 6500 words
Notes: This isn't a foursome fic so much as a Peter and Elizabeth are taking in strays fic. Note that it's set in season 2; what ultimately happens with Christie and Diana is mentioned in the epilogue.
Written for the "obedience" square on my kink bingo card, but that obedience is more "I'm going to suggest things to do" than "you will listen to my orders or face consequences." Enthusiastic consent! See the content notes for more description.
Thanks so much to weepingnaiad for the read through!
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Tags: #fanfic, character: diana berrigan, character: elizabeth burke, genre: femslash, rating: nc-17

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