A Figment of My Own Imagination (veleda_k) wrote in onherdancecard,
A Figment of My Own Imagination

The Women of White Collar (Are Made of Awesome)

For [community profile] month_of_meta I wrote up an examination of the way the women of white collar are written, and how the show deals with gendered tropes.

White Collar is one of my very favorite shows. And one the reasons I love it so much is its varied cast of interesting and awesome women characters. In this piece (one couldn't really call it an essay), I'll discuss how the women of White Collar are written as individuals as well as the way the writers address gendered tropes. Expect this to spoil all the way through the end of season three.

On LJ//On DW
Tags: character: alexandra hunter, character: diana berrigan, character: elizabeth burke, character: june, character: lauren cruz

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